VGP Golden Beach Resort -- A World of Relaxation

VGP Golden Beach was conceived and developed by our founder VG Panneerdas, 30 years ago, before anything of the kind was known in India. Mr. VG Panneerdas, after visiting Disney Land in USA was inspired to create something similar but on a familiar Indian theme that can be relatable to all.

Started in 1972, a swatch of land that was deserted and full of wild casuarinas and bamboos on a sandy beach was transformed into a scene, and tranquil Beach Resort, just a 30 minute drive from the city on the scenic and much loved East Coast Road. VGP Golden Beach Resort has 40 air conditioned and non air conditioned cottages – a guest’s exclusive world overlooking the gushing waves, on velvet green lawns and is built reflecting an old world charm but with contemporary comforts. It also has great facilities for family or corporate get together, training and events with a dedicated party lawn and a multi Cuisine restaurant.

VGP Golden beach resort has always enjoyed a most coveted position among the beach resorts of Chennai due to its rich cultural lineage

This Resort has just been up-graded to world, which would further enhance its prestige and standing among the Resorts of the world.